Life Serious illness Cover and Income Protection

The biggest asset that you have is YOU!

Put a value on your life, your health and your income.


Whether you have just started a family and want to ensure that your dependants are financially secure in the event of your death, or you have a mortgage and want to make sure that it is repaid on your death, then AJC Financial Planning have access to all the main insurers to find you the most appropriate type of cover.

Even if you have existing life assurance and wonder if the amount is not sufficient, or if you feel that your circumstances have now changed and wish to review your existing cover, then we can help. Please visit...


Cancer, heart disease and stroke.  These are the three main illnesses that all of us can suffer from.

However, how would you manage financially?  Serious illness cover provides you with a lump sum to help towards paying off those long term commitments such as a mortgage, or to cover medical expenses.

For a full list of the illnesses that you can cover against, AJC Financial Planning can help.


How would you survive if your income was cut off due to ill health or a serious injury? The mortgage payments would still need to be met. Your bills would mount up. How would you manage?

AJC Financial Planning have access to insurers that can provide you with a monthly benefit if you are unable to work due to illness or injury.

We can show you how much of your income you can protect. You can even claim tax relief on the premiums that you pay.